UX and Interactive designer         

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  • Passionate about usability and human computer interaction.
  • Put the users at the heart of products.
  • Come with diverse skill set of design, programming and entrepreneurship.


User Experience  | Interaction Design  | Lean UX | Wireframing  | Prototyping | Usability testing  | Personas | Experience Maps | User Flows  | HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Nunjucks, Node, PHP, MySQL

  • Practice Lean UX and Hypotheses driven design.
  • Work in an agile and highly iterative environment with collaboration from users, team and stakeholders.
  • Highly skilled in transforming user needs into simple, easy to use interfaces. Apply lean methods to design, test and learn quickly. Able to prototype in code.
  • Create scenarios and tasks for usability testing. Generate reports and present findings to the design and dev teams.


Nov 2018 – Present

UX Designer                       

Orange Bus, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK                       

  • Conducted stakeholder workshops to co-create storyboards, experience maps and concept designs.
  • Concept design for iPad and desktop app for mobile workforce management systems.
  • Interaction design for travel request/scheduling application.

Mar 2017 – Sep 2018

UX Consultant                       

INET Software Solutions, London, UK                       

  • With user research as the cornerstone, primarily worked on Government of UK projects with extreme attention to usability, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Execute projects compliant to Government Digital Services (GDS) standards.
  • Design the UX/UI on paper and digital wireframes.
  • Prototype in code with GDS prototyping kit built on Node, Nunjucks, JS, HTML and CSS
  • Successfully passed the GDS service standards assessments in 3 projects.

Apr 2011 – Feb 2017

Founder and Principal Designer

IdeaFlask, India

  • Embraced the capabilities of mobile and web technologies to create elegant digital products.
  • Built a design and development team of 18 people from the ground up.
  • As a tech entrepreneur, designed and built a super easy travel blogging app which was well received by the travel community around the globe.
  • Introduced research based design processes at various client organisations.
  • Planned, managed and executed UX for various client organisations belonging to diverse domains like Business Intelligence, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel and ERPs.

Aug 2010 – Apr 2011

Senior Interaction Designer

Symphony Services, India

  • Translated the organisation’s vision in to designs of extremely easy to use Business Intelligence tools.
  • Introduced Web 2.0 design concepts into products.
  • Migrated the design from legacy form based UX/UI to interactive modern single page applications.

Feb 2010 – Aug 2010

Technical Specialist, Human Factors

Mindtree Wireless, India

  • Designed UX of the camera application for Kyocera’s first touch screen phone.
  • Designed camera applications for various non-touch screen phones of Kyocera.
  • Converted the existing designs from feature centered to simpler user centered designs.
  • Carried out surveys, interviews, UX designs and usability tests.

Apr 2008 – Feb 2010

Senior Interaction Designer

iSOFT, India

  • Being the first employee in the UX department, I established a user-centered design process.
  • Introduced and sustained the culture of prototyping in a non design organisation.
  • Crafted UX for various healthcare applications like Pharmacy, Scheduling, Electronic Health Records, Chemotherapy and others.

And 2 more employments.


Self taught  | Individual and team contributor  | Creative | Process oriented | Passionate  | Adaptive


Paper  | Pencil  | Adobe CS  | Axure | Sketch  | Freemind | Evolus Pencil  | Invision Prototype | HTML  | CSS | JS | Node | Nunjucks | Mustache | PHP | MySQL


Design  | Photography  | Sketching | Poetry  | Hiking | Cycling | Running  | Outdoors | Fitness


Awarded the Best Employee of the month, highest rated and 4 spot awards at iSOFT


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) with First class from VTU, India in 2006
(British Honours degree equivalent)